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“We are the seek button on your radio”
  EvenSteven is a powerful, diverse entertainer that has performed around the globe. He has performed with some of the biggest names in Blues, Classic Rock and Country.


EvenSteven Rocks!

Looking for a soulful sound that mixes the best of yesterday and today’s hits?  EvenSteven’s musicial style blends Blues, R&B, classic and current Rock, and Country into an unforgettable combination.  

Added into the mix is well crafted, ready for radio original music. 

EvenSteven came from Macon Ga and cut his teeth playing in Otis Redding’s basement ,surrounded by the musicians that helped propel him to stardom. He’s performed with and opened for giants in many genres including Rock, R&B and Country. 

He spent years in Las Vegas and on the road, playing in almost every state as well as internationally. 

Whether working as a solo, duo, or full band, ES delivers an unforgettable performance. 

Something For Everyone!

ES performs an enormous variety of music in a spontaneous manner that encourages audience participation.  

with songs from Stevie Ray to Marvin Gaye, from Merle to Pearl Jam, from Ed Sheeran to Steppenwolf, there is a truly something for everyone!


EvenSteven books as a solo, duo, or full band.



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